Purple Newsletter, Issue 7 (2009, in Turkish)

“Purple Newsletter” is the periodical of the Human Rights Education Program for Women (HREP) solidarity network. The newsletter that shares the experiences and real life stories of HREP trainers and participants also includes news from the women’s movement in Turkey and across the world. While many of the contributors give accounts of how HREP has transformed their daily lives, women who have founded organizations following the training provide news on their advocacy work. The newsletter has become a platform that encourages new HREP groups as well as the foundation of new and independent women’s initiatives. HREP solidarity network brought closer with the newsletter also partakes in nationwide campaigns of the women’s movement.

In the 7th issue of the Purple Newsletter we cover the upcoming local elections and the women who will be running for office, positive legal outcomes of violence against women cases, the recent meeting organised by Women’s Human Rights-New Ways for the introduction of the Women’s Human Rights Education program to state organs, the ongoing struggle for more women’s shelters, women’s voices about 25th November International Violence Against Women day and new developments from around the world.

Bringing the voices of women from Izmir, Tunceli, Eskisehir, Mersin, Istanbul, Yozgat, Çanakkale and Van, the Purple Newsletter continues to address the issues on women’s human rights at the local, national, and international levels.

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